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Thread: Win a R150 WHOPPER® meal voucher from BURGER KING®

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    Crumbed Chicken Drumstick which he obviously didn't like very much

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    Default Crumbed chicken drumstick

    Crumbed chicken drumstick

    Quote Originally Posted by Jan View Post
    This week, MyGaming has partnered with BURGER KING®, and you could win a R150 WHOPPER® meal voucher - along with some cool goodies.

    To enter the competition, all you need to do is:
    • Watch BURGER KING® South Africa's first television commercial in South Africa on YouTube:
    • Note what the construction worker is eating.
    • Post the name of the construction worker's meal in this thread.

    If it’s not a WHOPPER® from BURGER KING®, you’ll experience WHOPPER® envy. So enter now to see what makes the WHOPPER® so amazing.

    Winners will be announced on 5 December 2016. Standard competition rules apply.

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    Its a crummy, I mean crumbed chicken drumstick

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    Crumbed chicken drumsticks, nott sure its from Burger King though haha

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    I'm loving this ad, saw it on TV.
    The construction worker dropped his Southern-style battered and deep fried chicken thigh.

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    Crumbed chicken drumstick

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    Being a Burger King ad, I'd say that the construction worker might be eating a side of Chicken Wings from Burger King (Odd angle - Hard to see). If it's promoting that it's better than the competition, I'd have to go with KFC.

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