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Thread: Why big budget games are dying in 2016

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    Default Why big budget games are dying in 2016

    Why big budget games are dying in 2016

    The biggest games of 2016 are in serious trouble.

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    Price is the only point in the article that applies to me. Every game listed I would have purchased on the day of release, when we were paying a reasonable price for them. But now R900 for new game? it's a joke, I'm happy to wait a 6+ months to play a game. Got enough games on my wishlist that there is generally an oldish big title on sale at any given time.

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    So, time for some patented DGH Opinion time:

    I foresee an impasse in the future of games. You see, the economics of the gaming industry and the gaming model is not the most healthiest of models. At the moment, AAA titles are extremely expensive to develop, because we as gamers demand that these games captivate our attention for longer periods of time, making it more worth our while. We also demand that these games be as innovative, tightly designed, perfectly executed and wonderful to play. I mean, AAA titles are the games we covet for Game of the Year and all that praise. But, designing and developing games to these specs are insanely expensive and time consuming.

    Every project tries to be high quality, under budget, and short development time. The truth is that you can only choose 2 of those 3 factors. You cannot have a high quality and under budget without spending an fortune, as an example. That is the problem with AAA titles. The publishers demand a very specific number of AAA titles to be released each year, each as good as possible, and each as profitable as possible. The deadlines gets shorter and shorter for these games, so one of the other factors will suffer as well. To stay afloat and finance these ventures, they cannot rely on pure game sales alone, hence the reason for paid for DLC or micro-transactions.

    Then we have marketing. The marketing done on some of these games are incredible, and I can only venture a guess in saying that it is extremely expensive. I'm sure that a very large part of the project budget goes to marketing. The problem is, more and more studios spend more and more on marketing, having the net result that each one has to spend even more for their games to rise from the noise. Which in turns lifts the expenditure of other studio's, and so forth.

    All this, and a pretty much set price of $60 for a game, and you get extremely tight margins. Which means they need volume sales. Volume that they won't get, because there is a plethora of new games being launched, all competing for our money. At the end of the day, there is less money coming into the publishers of these AAA titles.

    Now, add to that the fact that digital sales are killing the trade-in market, the fact that we as gamers simply cannot afford to buy every single AAA title, the fact that behemoths in the AAA+ section (Dota, Lol, WoW, COD, BF, Civ, FIFA etc) are taking all the time away from playing new titles, the fact that franchise fatigue is plaguing some games, the fact that more games are releasing now than ever before creating more competition... Well, you get the picture. The fact is that the AAA title model is looking more and more unsustainable. It's probably why the Indie gaming sphere has been growing so much.

    In short, there isn't only one reason why AAA games can be perceived as a dying breed, it's a whole host of reasons.

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    Sho, I think [MENTION=9789]DieGrootHammer[/MENTION] hit the nail on the head.

    For me personally it's all about affordability. I cant afford R1000 for a game, I'm not serious enough.
    Admittedly I have just spent double that on Hiking boots.

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