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Thread: No celebrity characters in Guitar Hero 6

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    Default No celebrity characters in Guitar Hero 6

    Guitar Hero 6 won’t feature celebrity musicians

    No more playable rock legends in next Guitar Hero

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    At the end of the day none of these celebrity musicians read the fine print.

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    Hopefully this goes the same for Band Hero and I don't have to be freaked out everytime the game starts an all my friends have Taylor Swift. Seeyin multiple Taylor Swifts on one screen can be scary!

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    I guess it saves costs and stuff, so that way i suppose the budget could allow for a game with more music and better features?

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    A bit off topic but Guitar Hero's finest moment came with the release of GH: Metallica. Any release after that fades (to black) in comparison.

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    I've always thought the idea of a celebrity character in a game is a bit daft. Isn't the idea of GH to make you, the player, feel like a rockstar and not you as the player, playing a already famous rockstar? I say bring a character builder, custom characters FTW.
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    This poor cow has been milked dry..Have you no shame Activision???
    Won't even bother buying this, although i once hated GH so much and then fell in love with it, hours and hours of fun with friends just jamming it up while intoxicated lol.
    The romance has faded now though. Its boring and pedantic, new songs blah blah and there you go only R650 lol.
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    Agreed joker, after playing 3 and World Tour i gave up on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
    This poor cow has been milked dry.....although i once hated GH so much and then fell in love with it....The romance has faded now though. Its boring and pedantic, new songs blah blah ....
    True on so many levels. I hated it....then gave in and bought GHIII and loved mentioned earlier, the highlight was the Metallica release, but there's a number of game franchises that actually get crappier as they go along pumping out a title every year or so....GH being one of them....

    GHIII probably had the best song lineup of the lot (that were not artist specific)...mostly metal and heavy rock stuff....stuff that actually makes you wanna pick up a REAL guitar and rock out...I mean, I play guitar (12 years and going strong) and the thought of playing Kings of Leon or thanks....

    I recently tried GH5....and about 15 minutes in, still playing some crappy tune (wait, i think it was Blur) i realised that the franchise has, in my opinion, run its course....

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    Well im a gamer from intellivison days and I was very late on the scene though with guitar hero (well I believed I sucked at rythm games) anyway I was so late on the GH scene my first one was GH5 and then I got metallica and im still over the moon with this game so yeah...........bring on GH6 baby !!!!


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