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Thread: The best and worst hard drives you can buy

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    Default The best and worst hard drives you can buy

    The best and worst hard drives you can buy

    Backblaze, an online backup provider, has published its Hard Drive Stats for 2016 report. The report details the reliability of different hard drive brands and models.

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    The summarized data looks a bit off as it looks like WD and Seagate dies when you breathe on it.

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    I'm pretty sure I have the Seagate ST3000DM01 in my PC, might be a different model but definitely a 3TB Seagate. 26% failure rate ey? That doesn't look too good.
    I know the health status on all of my drives, and of the 5 two of them have a caution indicator when using CrystalDiskInfo because of Reallocated Sector Count (which I believe is an indicator of bad sectors forming?).

    They are both quite old drives though with close to 30 000 power on hours, both are Seagate.

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    Hooray for statistics! Making lesser numbers seem more significant than larger ones

    The data from Backblaze should not influence a purchasing decision by any consumer, regardless of what type of drive they are purchasing. The innumerable variables, and lack of documentation, ensures the results are unreliable. Even for the winners, the results aren't good; the failure rates are exponentially higher than those observed in the real-world. One should question whether these companies could survive financially with the massive warranty return rates in real-world scenarios.
    Read more:

    Personally, I choose WD over Seagate. Every Segate drive I have owned has died or was/is in the process of dying. I have a 500Gb with 53038 hours (~6 years) on it and is still going strong. Ironically the only Seagate drive I own has a caution status on Crystal disk.

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    It's interesting stuff. On the home front I've lost two Seagate drives in 12 years. I swear by Seagate and Toshiba.

    On the corporate side, we lose drives quite regularly.

    Our mix of HDD vendors generally Seagate (1TB & 3TB SATA), Hitachi (2TB & 3TB SATA), Seagate Lightning 600GB 10K RPM SAS, Seagate Lightning 900GB 10K RPM SAS, Seagate 450 GB 15K rpm SAS, SSDs are all 800GB and 1.6TB Toshiba and Samsung drives.
    The bulk of my enterprise drives are Seagate, our MTBF for Seagate is 30660 hours. Equal to around 2.01% failure rate.

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