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Thread: It looks like Steam is set to get a major client overhaul

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    Default It looks like Steam is set to get a major client overhaul

    Steam has gone through various changes over the years, the version we have today is quite different from what we had back in 2005 for instance. However, it looks like we may see another major update to Steam’s user interface in 2017, as this evening a new image appeared on the Steam database showing off a complete overhaul to the Steam client.

    A new image of what looks like a new version of the Steam client is one of the more radical changes we’ve seen to Steam’s UI. For starters, there are more tabs at the top, Store, Games and Community are all still there but Comics, TV, Movies, Music and Apps have also been added to the top row. Apps will likely be where you can find all of your Steam software installs, such as benchmarks or tools. We already know Steam sells movies from time to time but this image suggests it will jump into TV shows too.

    Unfortunately, the image is transparent, so it isn’t the best quality. Still, you can get a rough idea of what the new client is supposed to look like. The new library has the usual list of purchased games on the side but rather than leaving empty space to the right, the area is now filled with game posters, fusing the classic library look with a tweaked version of Steam’s Grid View.

    The music section will likely just be an area for you to scroll through your imported music library. Essentially, Steam is looking to transform from a games client to a full blown media centre.

    We currently don’t have much of an idea when this version of Steam will ship or even if it will. However, this image was discovered on SteamDatabase through the latest client beta, so it’s quite recent. It also comes with the file name ‘SteamU’, so take from that what you will.

    Source: Kitguru

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    Well, SOMETHING is certainly brewing. This morning my Steam client asked to restart due to an update (as per usual), but what was different was it asked me to log in again and enter the 2-factor pass code n my phone. As if it was a completely new client or fresh install on a PC, which it wasn't. Sadly, it looked exactly the same when it started up.
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