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Thread: My Twitch & My YouTube Gaming LIVE Streams

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    So last night I played Titanfall 2's new FRONTIER mode and it's so cool, granted it's PVE but with the right group of 4, it's just really fun - I streamed the session so give it a check and those with Titanfall 2 are welcome to add me on Origin "medicnick83" and join in - I plan to play more of these modes.

    I also joined 3 other ZA players in a good few rounds of America's Army: Proving Grounds - who has it? Let me know if you want to join in the future.

    I'm busy with Twitch's Affiliation as well - excited about that.

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    The following has been shared with me - and I'm sharing it with you guys - It's not only for my stream, but try it and see if it works out better for you if you watching my stream;

    • Download Streamlink and Streamlink Twitch GUI.
    - Streamlink:
    - Stream Twitch GUI:
    • Once both are installed open Streamlink Twitch GUI - Settings - Enable advanced settings
    • Now go to the third tab, it should be called "Streamlink" and set the stream type to rtmp and HLS segments to 10.
    • Chatty allows people can interact with the chat as well when using Streamlink.
    - Chatty:
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    Going LIVE shortly...
    Game: The Division!

    ETA: Starting now now...

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    Hi all,

    I'm now apart of Twitch's "AFFILIATE PROGRAM"

    Thanks to all who followed me and tune in whenever I stream to show some support and including those who actually join me in the gaming sessions!

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    Hi all,

    I once again remind all the ZA guys to come and join the discord - my Twitch following is growing and I'm very happy about that - super stoked actually, but it seems the ZA guys are a hit an miss - granted I understand that many of us don't have fibre - but I still want the guys to come join the discord and chat with the rest of the ZA players in the group.

    There is talk of us doing a "drunken stream" this weekend - who is keen to join in on it... if you are a streamer, you welcome to stream it FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE!

    Basically, some of the rules we discussed were - if we playing PUBG and you die first, you need to down your drink or a shot (if you have)
    Each game requires you drink 1 drink during that game / session - stuff like this...

    Thoughts? comments? We will probably start at about 6pm on Saturday night and go till "whenever"

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    "Drunken Stream" Going LIVE shortly...
    Game: WHATEVER games everyone wants to play so long ALCOHOL is involved.
    Tune in for a laugh.

    ETA: 19:00'ish

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    Morning all,

    So before anyone else asks.

    The "drunken stream" was not recorded - I was actually debating whether I was going to upload it to YTG (YouTube Gaming) because the "trouble makers" showed up again on stream and pissed me off, but when I decided to upload it anyways, I discovered that I didn't record it - well, "I" didn't - OBS did 2 updates on Friday/Saturday and the settings were reset, I discovered it and fixed stuff like the MIC and VOLUME issues but didn't think to check the recording settings.

    My discord grew by 10 people this weekend, 4 of them being members of another local forum - welcome to you guys - glad I got to play a few rounds of PUBG with you.

    We don't always win chicken dinners or win rogue fights in the Dark Zone, but I think we have lots of fun regardless and my discord streaming community is growly slowly so thanks to you guys.

    Just keep in mind that I am promoting a casual fun gaming / streaming environment- if you are a streamer, you welcome to still join us, you can stream, I can stream - we host each other, we promote each other, we all play together and have fun, that's all that matters.

    If you want to start streaming, but you want advice, guidance etc. ASK! I'm more than willing to help and so are many of my group.

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    A group created for all South African streamers! All ZA streamers, big and small are welcome to join!

    Let's grow the community people!

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