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Thread: My Twitch & My YouTube Gaming LIVE Streams

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaaislaai View Post
    Please tell us when in the evening, as I always check random times then the stream is offline.
    Suggestion if I may: Login to the discord server But I generally stream all the time now - I am actually just waiting for "The Division" servers to come back up and then I'm gonna play and SUBSCRIBE because if you set your notifications ON, then you get a message whenever I start streaming.
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    27 subscribers... Last week this time I think I had 4 subscribers.

    Thank you guys!
    Really appreciate it - especially those of you who join in on the chat, join in on the discord.

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    Hi all,

    I'm going to be running a competition over the next 2 weeks (1 per week) where you can win a R250 voucher from Beerhouse.

    Don't know Beerhouse?

    You can find us on Long Street in Cape Town, Fourways in Johannesburg and now also in Centurion, Pretoria. Relax and enjoy our contemporary beer hall with its 25 taps and our legendary ’99 Bottles’ of the best local and international beer.

    Our emphasis is the curation of craft beers and a service standard that sets the trend in the hospitality industry. Our beer is served by the most knowledgeable and passionate staff in the industry, and our food is crafted by an internationally experienced kitchen team specifically to compliment our large beer variety.

    We see ourselves as a hub for all things beer, and we strive to incubate the ideals of craft while supporting local micro-breweries and giving them a podium to shine on and to deliver their qualities to the world.

    Welcome to the Beer Revolution.



    Easy! (it really is!)

    1. You have to subscribe to my YouTube Gaming Channel and I highly suggest you put ON your notifications because when I stream (you'll get a e-mail) that I've gone LIVE!
    2. The next step is to join in on the stream and interact either be it by joining in on the CHAT and/or the DISCORD (you can voice or normal chat) - the more you interact on the streams, the better chance you have to win!


    Then, next week, I'll sit with my MODS and we will choose a winner.

    I have other surprises coming... but let's do it one at a time eh!

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    Would be great if one could win one if this:

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    Thanks to all taking part and interacting, joining the discord and supporting my channel - I'm constantly learning things and it's really a load of fun - especially the discord chats.

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    Just streamed a session of "Path of Exile" and I really enjoyed it - more than I thought I would.
    I can see how people say it def gives Diablo 3 a run for it's money and BTW: PoE is FREE!

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    It continues to grow!

    Thanks to you guys that join the Discord and chat and such and join in on some gaming sessions - it's nice to see the list of ZA players grow and grow!

    Reminder: Discord works via the web browser but best via the app! Join:

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    Hi all,

    I gave away 1x Beerhouse voucher this morning to a member on another forum so there there is 1 more Beerhouse voucher to win; and how to win it is easy (mentioned above)

    However, one of my subscribers who is a big supporter has given me 5x copies of Shadow Complex Remastered on STEAM to give away worth R159 each.

    Same story as before; you need to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and either join the discord and interactive or when I stream (so turn your notifications on) interact with me via that Youtube Gaming CHAT and then I'll be giving the codes away randomly.

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    Currently Streaming "Path of Exile"

    Remember, if you turn your notifications ON when you subscribe, you get a e-mail whenever I start streaming!
    Keep in mind the competitions I'm running!

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