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Thread: My Twitch & My YouTube Gaming LIVE Streams

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    Just FYI because I was asked this a few times tonight when doing my streams (had 2 sessions tonight): I'm streaming on 1080p @ 60 FPS and I'm using RSAWEB's 20Mbps (up and down) package.

    I know they offer other products but the whole point of my partnership with them is to show off this package specifically.

    Those watching the streams, you must always remember, I do appreciate positive feedback so you welcome to PM me - please remember to LIKE and as always SUBSCRIBE!

    Those that also stream, let me know who you are - we ZA's should support each other!

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    Hi all,

    There is 1 more Beerhouse voucher to win; and how to win it is easy.

    However, one of my subscribers who is a big supporter has given me 5x copies of Shadow Complex Remastered on STEAM to give away worth R159 each.

    Same story as before; you need to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and either join the discord and interactive or when I stream (so turn your notifications on) interact with me via that Youtube Gaming CHAT and then I'll be giving the codes away randomly.

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    So this morning I randomly gave away 1 copy of Shadow Complex Remastered to a guy - all he did was watch a few streams, subscribe and comment on the streams. Boom he won a copy of the game - I have 4 more copies to give away!

    I'm excited for what other competitions I'm going to run in the future!

    Support your South African streamers eh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by medicnick83 View Post
    And I'm live!!!
    I started watching when you mentioned something about deepthroating to another player. haha
    4690k @4.5ghz |CM SEIDON 120V PLUS |CM HAF 932 |ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer | 16GB DDR3 | 2x Saphire RX480 Nitro+ OC| 2x256GB SSD RAID0 | 850w Corsair PSU

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaaislaai View Post
    I started watching when you mentioned something about deepthroating to another player. haha
    No words eh! That was bound to happen. It always does.

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    Bit of entertainment for my channel:

    L__Train vs medicnick83 The Division Dark Zone 1v1

    Radmandel vs L__Train The Division Dark Zone 1v1

    Please show some love and LIKE and click SUBSCRIBE!

    I receive alot of feedback via PM's and messages on the Discord channel and I appreciate it - I do listen to all feedback and deal with it accordingly - thanks for all the support as my channel grows slowly!
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    Was having a good stream session tonight and then I noticed something was wrong with my puppy Rogue.
    So I cut it short.
    Rogue is at the VET hospital for overnight observation.

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    Hi all,

    I'd like to pose a question to you guys;

    Since starting my stream I've gained quite a bunch of supporters and my subscriber base is growing slowly which is great, especially with all the support I get via PM's and Discord chats and messages on how to improve.

    It's been brought to my attention that many of you who want to support my stream can't do so via the "Streamlabs" donation / wishlist feature - seems that many of you can't use your credit card, or debit cards or have issues with PayPal or whatever the issue was - one guy sent me a Whatsapp video of him trying to donate $50 but it failed and then he tried to donate to purchase me the PS4 controller and that failed - I've been asked / as an alternative, to put my banking details on the stream 'somewhere' to make a few of your lives easier.

    So why support me via this method? Is it safe? (I'm also learning here, so thus asking)

    Those who regularly spend time with me in Discord and on streams know that I want to be able to offer the viewers of my stream prizes etc - I've been lucky enough to be sponsored by BEERHOUSE & RSAWEB as well as some individuals with prizes but many seem to say "give us the LATEST games and such" but financially I can't do that myself - the nice thing about tips and such is, I can use that money towards getting prizes for the stream - I had a sponsor that said he was going to buy 3x "FOR HONOR" packages when "FOR HONOR" was released but that never panned out - so it can be rather frustrating for me.

    Thoughts? Comments?

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    With all that is happening with Rogue, I haven't felt the "will" to stream, but I've been asked to stream by everyone. So... Going live in a few minutes.

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