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Thread: My Twitch & My YouTube Gaming LIVE Streams

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    Well, I was very "not in the mood" to stream tonight but I'm really happy I did, it definately improved my mood playing with my friends and ontop of that, I need to say a huge thanks to my awesome friends for their donations of $153.44 and $37.63 towards Rogues vet bills.

    I dunno how to say thank you for that - you guys are amazing!

    Tomorrow I'l be going to the SPCA to visit Rogue, but I'm going to try go earlier so I can see if I can wangle some extra time with him as well as maybe speak to a VET and get some more information on what is happening with him and then I'll keep you guys updated.

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    Hi all,

    Going to go LIVE shortly!

    Don't forget that I have 1x Beerhouse voucher to give away as well as 4x copies of Shadow Complex Remastered on Steam.

    To win is easy.
    Subscribe to my channel, watch the stream, interact on the chat and boom, i'll randomly select a winner!

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    Hi all,

    So I keep getting asked why I am NOT using Twitch to stream - so I waited to 5am to run this test.

    See results below.

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    Doesn't matter WHAT server I choose, even the ones with high quality - If I stream in 1080p or even 720p - the "dropped frame rates" are so high.
    With YouTube Gaming - it's 0 on 1080p @ 60FPS

    I've yet again TWEETED to Twitch that we need servers in ZA but I guess I'm pissing into the wind.

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    Let the streaming begin!

    Come join me!

    And remember!


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    Hi all,

    Thanks to those who PM'd me about the stream being "laggy" tonight - I'm not sure what was going on but I could see it was "laggy" on OBS because the connection was going from GREEN to RED and had 9.8% dropped frames - It did get better but still had issues.

    Once it started with these issues - I'm sure you guys noticed I was getting very irritated as it messes with the quality of the stream - I'm going to let RSAWEB know and see if it improves but with that said, I do appreciate the feedback.

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    So post tonight's stream, I got a message from one of my subscribers who offered to buy 2 of the items off my wishlist.
    So thanks to him; Diablo 3 (PS4) and Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Edition (PS4) are inbound.

    Loving the support guys!

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    Let the streaming begin!
    Tonight we help a guy get to level 30 and beyond!

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    Hi all,

    The winner of the 2nd Beerhouse voucher has been selected and I will contact him to let him know he has won.

    Thanks to Murray and Randolf for sponsoring the prizes and supporting my YouTube Gaming channel and to the 2 winners on supporting my channel.

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    Hi all,

    I need help here please so please do get involved!

    I am chatting to a new sponsor of my stream - they are very keen to join and have asked me to create a WISH LIST of games & hardware that YOU as viewers could WIN.

    Remember, to win is so easy and I plan to keep it that way.

    1. Subscribe to my channel
    2. Like the videos - you are even welcome to DISLIKE the videos, but you must please comment on the videos and say WHY you disliked the videos.
    3. Interact on the streams, by either joining the discord channel or by joining in on the chat while the stream is active.

    With that said, without me going and "googling" "top games" etc - post what games and computer hardware you'd like to see and hopefully win.

    Dont be ridiculous obviously and say "a gaming laptop that costs R50K" because I doubt that will happen (then again, we never knew where my channel is going to go!)

    So... post away!
    Remember, you welcome to include PS4, XBOX ONE and PC games and hardware.

    I'll draw up this list and send it on once I have enough information.

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    Please do provide some feedback guys, please.

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