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Thread: What does your mouse slide on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mottamort View Post
    On the wet salty tears of my victims!!!

    That and the sweet sexy Corsair M200 something that mygaming gave me for being awesome
    Due to the nature of my desk (2 gaming pc's and drawers on the left) my mouse pad only fits if its "vertical" (taller than it is long). but thats fine with me
    Oh, and my 2nd pc is using the mousepad I eventually got from that "controversial" thread I made about $1 mouse has my avatar pic as the graphic...pretty cool actually, totally worth the price

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    I use this baby:
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    I also received an extra one from my brother in law ages ago. So once this one becomes unusable then I'll move to that one.

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    I use the SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad, picked it up a few years ago at a marked down price somewhere if i recall correctly

    Name:  SteelSeries-4HD-Professional-Gaming-Mouse-Pad.jpg
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    Steelseries Qck+ it has lasted me a good many years. I got the Qck+ because it was the biggest that would fit on my desk.

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    I've got a Glorious PC Gaming Race xxl extended mouse mat, which replaced my Razer sphex mouse mat.

    When friends ask me why I hardly game on console:

    Just kidding (Before derail)
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    Does it really make a difference?
    Decent pad is worthwhile. But don't particularly care's a case of close enough.
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    I have SteelSeries QCK, a StarCraft II themed one. Won it in a MyG Competition

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    Acme Generic Mouse Pad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MetalSoup View Post
    Ahh Sexy!

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