So this is something that has always fascinated me.
Some people have huge ass shiny mouse pads, other have old cringe worthy mouse pads.

Does it really make a difference?
What lots of people don't know is that most modern mice don't even need a mouse pad anymore as they auto calibrate to the surface they are on.
So mouse pads are more about comfort and convenience than anything else these days. Keep the surface your mouse travels on cleaner easier and having your wrist be comfortable.

I am not sure about this though, I can feel the difference when I move my mouse over my wooden table and a Razer Goliathus Speed mouse pad. I guess if the surface is exactly the same all over and not grainy like wood you might not feel the difference.

What mouse pad do you prefer to use and what size?

I use a Razer Goliathus Speed Large. I play on very low Sensitivity, so i need lots of space and the smooth surface of the speed feels amazeballs.

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