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Thread: Studies online and offline.

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    Default Studies online and offline.

    Thankes to @Solitude and @Wenzdayz for giving me this idea.

    So finished my studies offline and went to class and all went well class everyday and was doing 90% for maths, started to do night class after being at the workshop but my grades dropped drasticly since the teacher tried to cram everything into an hour sesions also writing like a crab did not help.

    I was thinking of taking some cnc online classes but again its money I just don't have atm. Or don't you hate that you are studing something and while your busy with it they change the name of the cource and the requirements and the one module you are doing is old and won't count so you won't be able to continue with this cource and thus need to do another module to continue with your cource.
    Also am terrible at self studies so what is your prefrences?

    Have you used any online college and if you have would you reccoment them to people?
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    I did a short course through UCT and their GetSmarter division. Very good stuff and great people who re passionate about what they do. I would highly recommend them, albeit they are on the pricey side.

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