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    Question Advice please


    ever long time lurker coming out the woodwork to inquire about fx cards. Specifically, Im in the market to A: first sell my gtx740 and B: buy a 1060.

    any ideas of what a 740 sells for?
    and recommendations for a 1060. I have a budget of about R4500 (which includes the money from the sale of the 740)

    I have one option so far for a msi 1060 3gb for R4000 and that includes the 740 traded in for R500. but always like other options

    thanks in advance!

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    In your price range, why not just get an AMD RX 480?

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    I sold my 760 for 650 so yeah. Finding a second hand msi1060 for 4k is not difficult. I saw one the other day for 4k a few months old. That's a 6gb version

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    anyone want to buy my gtx740? its now offically gatehring dust as I got me a 1060 6gb. In cape town

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