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Thread: Solitude is now a MyGaming moderator

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    Nice one [MENTION=289]Jan[/MENTION]! [MENTION=20]Solitude[/MENTION]'s appointment is well deserved and long overdue. Go Soli, go Soli!

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    So how do I go about getting a custom font color for my name WITHOUT the responsibility, I believe this is on everyones minds?

    Also congrats/condolences [MENTION=20]Solitude[/MENTION], depending on whether or not you asked for it hehe

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    Thanks everyone!

    First day as mod and my computer at home doesn't want to switch on. Have it in the boot now to take to computer shop. And have to do training at work now. So will be back later.

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    Grats [MENTION=20]Solitude[/MENTION]

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    Congo Rats [MENTION=20]Solitude[/MENTION]!

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    Wouldn't you like to know?


    I am not too sure how comfortable I am with this O_o

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    Congrats Dude

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    Congrats soli
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