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    Red face Heliborne

    So, finally, I've found a helicopter combat game again boys and girls!


    Team is small and the game, from trailers and screenshots etc looks amazeballs.
    Cost... R159 on steam.
    Comments? Well, all positive!

    Whose joining me tonight in some fun?

    Some info on it:

    Heliborne seeks to introduce players to rotary-wing aviation and combat. Players will have the ability to fly a number of helicopters from the 50’s forward in to the year 2000 across a wide range of maps and in a wide range of mission scenarios. Players will be able to take part in a dynamic battlefield where they support the movement of ground forces that fortify positions and create supply lines.

    5 Major Mission Maps
    Current maps roster include Operation Nguyen Hue and the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, Badakhshan Province and Khost Region in Afghanistan, and Kosovo. All of our maps are “based” on historical conflicts and conflict locations. Apart from that, Heliborne features detailed training polygon map where pilots can make test flights before real battles.
    The rest you can check out on

    But regardless, tonight I'm streaming this!

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    Enjoy the stream here if you missed the LIVE version!

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    Heliborne — The Release

    Hey, Pilots!
    This is happening — Heliborne has just been fully released!

    First of all, we want to thank everyone who supported us along the way. We have managed to build a small, but very close and active community. You guys helped us with a lot of things which would be impossible without you, including almost all the localizations and voice acting for the historical campaigns. As for the tiny team of four, it’s vitally important to have those who will give you a hand when needed. And you even did not ask for anything in return.


    As we announced before, we have a special gift for everyone who bought the game in Early Access. And we wanted it to be so special that we haven’t finished it yet, being insanely busy with the release version of the game itself. However, we believe it’s worth waiting. So thanks again, guys, this time for your patience!

    Next, let’s talk about the game.
    Heliborne has been in the Early Access for a year and a half, since February 2016. Here’s a short list (ok, not so short) of what has been done:
    20 new helicopters. Now Heliborne features 50 different birds, our plan is to significantly expand the hangar after the release.
    3 new maps: Kosovo (25 sq. km), Khost Region (64 sq. km), and a huge and detailed training polygon where you can test helicopters before battles (you will be able to do more there, but let it be our small secret for now). Current map roster includes 6 maps — 5 combat maps and the polygon.
    Night map. The first one with lights off is Kosovo. More on the way.
    Squadron system. It’s been designed to add more tactics to battles. Very similar to a deck system in card collectible games.
    Progression system and Research tree. We designed this research system to be a learning experience, not a grinding one, and plan to keep it this way.
    Frontline PvP mode. More tactical evolution of Domination mode with plenty of ground vehicles.
    PvE sandbox co-op mode. Also playable in solo.
    Two historical campaigns: Easter Offensive in Vietnam (1972) and Operation Magistral in Afghanistan (1987–1988). Co-op play is planned for the post-release period.
    Offline mode. For those who can’t or don’t want to play online. Unlocked squadron builder is coming soon.
    Customization and cosmetic items. Dozens of helicopter camouflages, helmet paint schemes, and helmet patches.
    Private profiles.
    Rank & Awards system.
    Modular damage system.
    Detailed tactical map.
    Improved flight model.
    Advanced control scheme.
    Gamepads/Joysticks/HOTAS support.
    New types of deployable special soldiers: SMAW/RPG and mortars.
    Steam Trading Cards together with badges, profile backgrounds, and emoticons.
    New localizations.
    A long list of less visible changes we don’t want you to bore with.
    Rest of the announcement on

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