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So the beta for this started yesterday. Anyone else playing it? I jumped in today and got a couple of rounds in, guns feel different and the bullets are a lot faster so dodging with lag isn't making the game as impossible to play with SA lag. Only thing is there is a huge delay in actually finding a game, and when you do it's usually empty. Seems to be the European servers as American twitch streamers seem to be fine. Hopefully when the beta opens up tomorrow it will be more populated.

Edit: I'm actually suspecting we may have SA servers on this beta, which would explain why it's so dead at the moment. Saw a number of South African names in the game I got in, but didn't bother to ask where anyone was from, and then in the lobby I was waiting in, I started chatting to someone else sitting with me and they were also South African. Very interested now for when the beta opens to see if it's only Saffers in game.
Can't you see your latency in game? That should tell you if it is local or EU servers. I'm busy downloading the beta atm, started a bit late unfortunately. Should be done sometime tonight, so I'll play tomorrow.