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Thread: What is BTGames even good for?

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    I know for a fact that the Bloemfontein BT Games is pretty good.

    Here in Joburg when I go to an actual physical store, I prefer going to AWX.

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    I used them once (BT in Menlyn) for Fallout 4. Simply because they were a couple R100 cheaper than anywhere else at the time. The experience was not bad and they had stock when they said they would so it might be dependent on individual stores?

    With prices being what they are nowadays I dont bother pre-ordering any more. I have enough games I havent even looked at to wait until they are on special for a more affordable price and by then most of the bugs have been sorted out as well.

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    I have never seen a steam gift card being sold there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyvern View Post

    That is why I refuse to go to BTgames. Especially as a supposedly rare female gamer - the comments, snarky remarks and being treated like I have no idea what i want or need or am actually looking for. My favourite is being asked oh are you spoiling your boyfriend?
    I've noticed this with my wife as well. It's like like dealing with car mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graal View Post
    Worst part is I live in Century City. I'm smack-bang in the middle of the WC's tech hub. You would expect them to get their stock the day before release so they can start packing it out first thing on release day. I mean, that's precisely what Musica did, yet the biggest gaming retailer in SA doesn't think to do that.
    And here I sit, still waiting for CNA/Musica to get copies of Prey...

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    I've also had numerous issues with BTGames in the past, I just don't use them anymore.

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    BT Games are great for finding hard-to-find Magic: the Gathering sealed product. They often have stuff that has been long since sold out elsewhere. You pay a premium, of course.

    I haven't bought a physical video game from them since Diablo 3's limited edition in 2012.

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