So I go to their store just after 9 to pick up my preorder for Prey and nope, "sorry, it hasn't come in yet" and they can't give me a timeframe for when it will be ready. I walked to Musica just a bit further in the mall and picked it up with no hassles. While in the queue, the guy behind me also said that the only reason he's there was because BTGames doesn't have stock yet. Thank goodness I decided to opt for paying in-store upon collection at BTGames. I would have been really annoyed if I wasted an off day waiting for BT to get stock.

And it's not even the first issue I have with them. They fumbled the last preorder I did with them and I had to pay the higher in-store fee. Their prices are almost always more expensive than anywhere else and they rarely have good sales. Sometimes even their sale prices are more expensive than other (often physical) retailers charge for the same game. The only saving grace seems to be that they do game trade-ins, and even that is really bad. It seems like the max they pay for any game is R250 and it's not uncommon for them to then resell a new game for a 200% markup.

It's both shocking and sad that a store that market themselves as 'the largest specialist gaming store in South Africa' is so completely out of touch with the gaming community and are just utterly useless. Does anyone here actually find them useful?