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Thread: What MMORPG to invest time in?

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    Default What MMORPG to invest time in?

    Hi I'm new here. Saw this discussion a while a go. I know it's old but seems like the best place to comment and ask for advice. http://

    My situation: I've been playing Age of Wulin EU for over 3 years now. In my opinion it is the best game out there for me. Its beautiful, PVP, Chinese, based on ancient chinese martial arts. I get hooked to the pvp for hours. Sadly EU version is managed by Webzen and originally from Snailgames USA. Snailgames run the Age of Wushu NA. Sadly the EU version has just been canceled and luckily they transfer all our accounts to NA server so its not a complete wipe.

    Unfortunately I played on Wushu 7 months before I started on Wulin so I know back then I had 800ms server delay. On EU version I managed minimum 180ms (250ms average with spikes sometimes) which was hard to compete but since you could use any of the 500 skills+ you can build your character for a play style - so I managed.

    My background: I played 9DRAGONS back in the day. I hate grind games but was a fun game and again I love Chinese lore. I also played Blade and Soul for a month or two and maxed a character. Was a fun game but I lag more on BnS than AoW and the lore is too much fantasy like. The Lynn characters alone ruin the experience . lol.

    I give the background so you know what type of games I like. I tested Age of Wushu and its managable but extremely laggy. I might have to quit finally . I liked BnS Pvp but the pvp style requires very low MS in my opinion and lately the game lags even more.

    So I've been looking at GW2 and the reason is lots of South African players recommend GW2. Im not heavy on PVE and questing but I like mass PVP. Unfortunately the game is not chinese style but the graphics and art looks decent.

    Also I'm looking for Games that won't die soon because 9dragons and now Wulin died because of their companies that didn't care for the game and it sucks to invest time in a game that just dies. The list is WoW, Tera, GW2, ESO...and the rest I don't know. lol. Moonlight Blade might come to EU 2018. I will try it if I can but these games that come from the asian countries usually don't last long in EU and the Western player base.

    Is GW2 still worth it? Any other games that might be better for my play taste? Thanks guys. Also a South african community in a online game is a big plus. Apart from my brother and RL friends in AOW I only met around 5-10 players from south africa.

    EDIT: I love Chinese lore games but also medieval lore. Such as skyrim, Witcher 3 ect. (hence I add ESO on the list). I don't like Scifi or heavy fantasy games except if the gameplay make up for it. It must be based on something
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    Welcome to MyGaming, [MENTION=24729]Wulin[/MENTION]!

    Hopefully someone here can help you out. Unfortunately I'm not all that clued up when it comes to MMOs.

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    Guild Wars 2 is still very active, I am not sure about local guilds (there where quite a few large ones when I last played 2 years ago). You can find some PVP focused Giulds easily and you can jump straight into PvP with GW2. You can download the client and play for free, but you have limits on what you can do... It's nice if you want to get a feel for the game. I played a bit of pvp and never had problems with latency on EU servers.

    ESO, WOW, EVE and Final Fantasy XIV are also very popular still, however they all require a monthly sub, EVE is very rewarding, once you sink enough time into it.

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    I have recently tried Archeage, I actually took a break from EVE Online to try Archeage. I just could not stick with it, as I found the game boring after a month or 2. Now I'm back to EVE Online. If you are interested in large scale fights, then EVE Online is the game to go, as you will not find any other MMO that has larger fights. It is also free 2 play at the moment, with limitations, but if you start and join a helpful corporation, you will be able to make your subscription in game quickly. You are interested in Chinese lore, that you won't find in EVE Online though. There is also a decent amount of SA guys playing EVE Online, the corporation I'm in, we are about 200 SA guys.

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    Thanks Guys. appreciate it. I know a guy who plays EVE online. Might consider it. Will check it out a bit

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    Well downloaded EVE. Will install tonight and try it. I read some guides. See in comments it is also a slow starter game. People can find it boring at the start ect. Lots of aspects match up with Age of Wulin. Considering you need a 3 year end game plan in mind and that game is extremely hard to grasp from the start. After 3 years you still learn new things. Very complex game. Also need to join a guild in the beginning since solo as a new player is extremely hard. So I might like EVE. I'm just scared the spaceships part put me of since I like more the Human type MMo where you can fight with a melee warrior.. Hopefully the game play will keep me addicted^^. Will do lots of reading on it as I always do.
    [MENTION=9749]Japster[/MENTION] if you want you can PM me the name of your corporation. I see you need to join one rather fast to ask tons of questions^^

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    I've always wanted to play Eve Online. It just looks so time consuming. The complexity looks amazing though.... so maybe one day.

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    Unfortunately i havent played an MMO in ages, the last one was Skyforge, but there is not a guild or anything like that. I know people play blade and soul and revelations online.

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    PM sent Wulin
    [MENTION=20]Solitude[/MENTION], for me, there is no other game that comes even close to complexity. There is also so many levels to playing the game. Some people just play it on a group of friends level, other play the whole political thing and move up the ranks to be in control of thousands of people. Spying is a big thing in the game as well, so is scamming. Everything goes almost, and it can be harsh at time. To give you an idea of the size, in Goonswarm Federation the alliance I'm in, we are 27k players.

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