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Thread: PS4 is here! Share your PSN ID

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    Default PS4 is here! Share your PSN ID

    Hey everyone! Who's picked up their PS4 today?

    Share your PSN ID here.

    Here is the list so far:

    James: NightTimeHornets

    Deceptor: Lonthor

    Dviance: Dviance

    cpt_rocks: CPT_Rocks

    KyleVR101: NewChaosZA

    FreeStanler: XxStanStormxX

    fridgevr: Yskas8

    Black Smoke: tyrone-gmc

    Andeshan: Andeshan3

    Lydon: LydonMcG

    Fareed: TheWagsZA

    Wlad: wlad777

    shikari474: shikari474

    Nemesis: jsnx99

    Sybawoods: Sybawoods

    Sybawoods' son: lil_syba

    blaaislaai: slangza777

    berea: Berea

    m3n4ce: ruanventer

    Inn3rs3lf: inn3rs3lf_ZA

    fanie.dry: faniedry

    Faf_786: Faf_786

    MalicE: oGk_MalicE

    Wenzdayz: Saw you posting, but didn't catch your PSN ID... Did you want it liosted?

    MightyMuffinMan: AfricanJedi & AfricanJedi87

    AadilG: AadzG

    thomascmyk: thomas_cmyk

    Glordit: Glordit_za

    ezraque: ezraque

    Crableg: Tyronk1 (?)

    Balduran: Balduran_III

    BeoTeK: BEOTEK

    Jan: ExtremistZA

    XbatousaiX: Toblakai99

    ElasticPancakes: elasticpancakes

    PR1Y35H: dapri119

    Spartan: Hereticus187

    padjakkels: padjakkels

    Dead_Rebel: elexnihilio

    KransZa: KransZA
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    Mine should be arriving today .

    PSN ID: Lonthor

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    Had to watch 10 guys get theirs last night even though I will only be getting one sometime next year (hopefully).

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    James, did you get one, or buy one?

    The perks of working in the Gaming industry....

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    MyGaming bought one for the office from retail. I'm not high profile enough to get free consoles.

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    Still, working in the gaming industry got you a console

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    What on earth motivated you guys to buy a PS4 now?

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    PSN ID: Dviance

    To answer your question Neo, I grew up with a PS1. Never got the ps2 pr ps3. Still an adamant PC gamer. I was just looking for something different. Just to sit back relax and play games with someone special

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    Add me: CPT_Rocks Got mine today

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