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Thread: Rumor: AMD/ATi will launch HD 4890 in April

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    Default Rumor: AMD/ATi will launch HD 4890 in April

    ATi's RV790 gets branded the HD 4890

    Rumor: AMD/ATi will launch HD 4890 in April
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    I can see this card coming out and surprising everybody, kind of like how Nvidia's 8800GT launched and blew everything away with its insane price/performance ratio

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    Yeah i have to agree, this card is gonna be a performer of note!!
    As it it stands now ATI is already the best bang for buck graphics card available!!
    If this card is priced correctly it'll cement the above statement for a long time to come!!
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    Right, so... the rest of the cards must drop in price with this one coming out. Sell us the old stock cheaply!
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    This sort of thing tends to happen once I have taken the plunge and bought myself a new graphics card.
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    Just a small step up from the 4870 but who knows ATI/AMD have been surprising us allot lately.

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