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Thread: SPCA 24 hour charity stream "Game-a-thon"

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    Hi all, if everything goes according to plan, the ENTIRE stream will be uploaded to YTG in 5 hours...

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    Nicely done [MENTION=238]medicnick83[/MENTION]!

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    Hi all,

    Just to let you know, I went to visit the SPCA this morning to do the HAND OVER of money raised during the stream.

    Instead of me having to WITHDRAW the money, getting charged alot in bank charges, I just transferred they money to the SPCA's PayPal account (URL below) which they were very happy with.

    Name:  PHoto.jpg
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    Tara McGovern, myself & Belinda Abraham.

    Once again, I want to thank EVERYONE that joined in - every little bit helped!

    Remember, if you missed the stream, want to watch it - you can see it on my YouTube Gaming channel:

    Want to donate? Use the SPCA's PayPal account:

    Any other queries, you welcome to PM me or contact me on medicnick83 at gmail dot com

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    Hi all,

    I'd like to thank all of the following for donating all the money you did so that we could raise R30,000+ for the SPCA!

    I've removed Surnames for obvious reasons.

    Adri cV
    Andrea S
    Andries M
    Andries vZ
    Aneesa HM
    Angie L
    Basil J
    Bradley N
    Callum W
    Charles E
    Charles L
    Christiaan S
    Corey B
    Craig M
    Daniel B
    David W
    Deon H
    Derik N
    Dustin G
    Edward W
    Ernestine D
    Gys vV
    Hayley V
    Herman L
    Humphrey S
    Izzy S
    Jack N
    Jaco C
    Janel Z
    Jeandre G
    Joan W
    Kevin S
    Koos M
    Kurt G
    Leroy F
    Lisa W
    Maikel S
    Marius C
    Mark S
    Michael L
    Mira S
    Olivia M
    Riaan C
    Richard B
    Richard E
    Richard A
    Richard S
    Riley S
    Robert S
    Rogue S
    Ruan F
    Samantha A
    Samuel V
    Stefan R
    Taryn P
    Vivian V
    Wayne C
    Werner vV
    Willem H
    Wogan M

    The following deserve mention AGAIN for donating prizes:
    Red Peak Design
    Easy Up

    Thanks to all those who watched the stream, played games with me, spent time with me on Discord - just bloody EVERYONE!

    If I've missed your name - please forgive me - I've honestly checked and double checked to make sure everyone is on the list but anything is possible.
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