Hi all,

I'm very excited and proud to announce that on the 22nd July 2017 (Saturday) starting at 12H00 and running until the following day (Sunday) at 12H00 I will be doing a 24 hour streaming session to raise funds for the SPCA aka "Game-a-thon"

I would love to have as many of YOU tune and show me some support - I will only be AFK when I need to use the potty... I'll not leave the PC otherwise - even eating infront of my PC.

My discord (link below) is open and the "spca-game-a-thon" channel is open on the discord group. - in this group, I'm keeping everyone updated with whatever information I have.

I've also been sponsored a web site https://www.medicnick83.co.za and if you go to the web site you will see that there is a TWITCH link, so if you have friends/family who are not "TECH SAVVY" as it were - once they go to the site, it will start streaming immediately - the CHAT area is also there - but it might not work 100% unless you have a TWITCH account.

Those who have TWITCH: Please visit https://www.twitch.tv/medicnick83 and hit FOLLOW and you'll know once the stream starts and can join in.

  • [XBOX ONE/PC] Forza Horizon 3
  • [PC] PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
  • [PC] The Division (I have this on XBOX ONE, PS4 & PC with Season Passes etc)
  • [PC] Battlefield 4
  • [PC] Warface
  • [PC] America's Army Proving Grounds
  • [PC] PayDay 2
  • [PC] Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • [PS4] Rocket League
  • [PS4] Horizon Zero Dawn (later into the night/morning because it's a single player game)

I want to play Overwatch and Battlefield 1 but I don't have these games - so if you want to GIFT it to me, that would be much appreciated and then I will be able to play them - just don't expect me to be AMAZING at it.

The games are not set in stone - we might add or not play some - remember, this is not a COMPETITION - it's all about having FUN, interacting, chatting, laughing - having a good time for charity.

If you want to get involved donations (company wise etc) you can contact me via PM or via discord.
I would love to get some prizes to give away on stream to people who join in the games with me and or are actively supporting the stream throughout.
If you want to play games WITH me and my friends, join the discord prior to the event and chat to us - we welcome everyone.

CONFIRMED! RARU.co.za will be sponsoring 3x R100 VOUCHERS to give away! [MENTION=1028]Keenest[/MENTION]

Simple... Raise as much money as possible for the SPCA as possible.

All monies donated to me during the stream go to the SPCA - Please remember, if you donate on stream, there is a link (above the stream, to the left) and you must enter the NAME you want to display with your donation - please save all donations till the event starts please - if you not going to make it - then don't donate to me now - rather EFT the money to the SPCA and use "medicnick83" as the reference - they will know what it's for as everyone at the SPCA has been briefed.

If you don't have money, but want to donate blankets, dry dog and cat food, you are welcome to take it to the SPCA and tell them in the same thing, it's part of the "medicnick83 game-a-thon"


I've been actively TWEETING about this on Twitter and so has the SPCA - please follow me and RETWEET.
If you are on Facebook, please follow the SPCA group and share the post.

Twitter: medicnick83
Twitter: capespca
SPCA Facebook

I'll be updating this thread as the days draw closer with any other information.


I plan to start the stream 1 hour early but it will be a "starting soon" type setup - I want to play music - If you have a band, and some good songs - send me 1 or 2 to medicnick83 [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll give it a listen, if I like it, I'll include it in the playlist and mention the song and band name at the start of the stream.

Keep in mind, I am recording the stream (hopefully I won't run outta HDD space! haha) and will be uploading it to YouTube Gaming (link below) once the stream is complete.

See poster below:

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That's it guys, if I missed anything, let me know.

EDIT: I was gifted Rocket League "Game of the Year" edition on PS4 so that's been added to the list.