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Thread: Why you can't quit Facebook

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    Default Why you can't quit Facebook

    Why you can't quit Facebook

    Logging onto Facebook gives you the chance to be indignantly offended (or maybe just mildly piqued) by other people’s ill-informed views and idiosyncratic behaviour. And there’s a surprising amount of pleasure in that.

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    The real reason is that everyone is a voyeur.
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    I quit Fb 5+ years ago.. Wasn't that hard tbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cronus086 View Post
    I quit Fb 5+ years ago.. Wasn't that hard tbh
    This... I found myself on my phone all the time... Deleting the FB app was the best decision i ever made, Now i only ever check it when an email notification comes in, or when some one tells me to look at something...

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    I closed mine shortly after April Fool's day 2011, after getting all but one of my friends with an epic April Fool's day troll. Definitely not that hard.

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    When they updated their t&c that they own anything you upload to their site I quit it really fast.
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    Rarely actually log on. Love FB messenger though.
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    I quit just over 2 years ago after my account was hacked and people told me that they're getting all kinds of ads from me! I never really used Facebook actively anyway and definitely don't trust them to protect my privacy. It was the easiest thing to close my account and I don't miss it even for a moment.

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