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Thread: [MyGame] Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by murfle View Post
    Alright, count me in.

    I'll cue up the game in steam after Strider finishes downloading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FarligOpptreden View Post
    D: How the heck did I manage that? It's been one mistake after another with me today :| Good thing I'm stuck at home.

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    One week left. Thought about playing the first Deus Ex a bit to get into the mood, but then I found a channel that shows the gameplay, so just watching that in the background while working to get the Deus Ex boner going.

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    I watched Ghost in the Shell (2017) yesterday, and although it strays a bit from the Anime it is based on (which is a fantastic movie) I found it enjoyable.
    What it did do for me though is make me want to play Deus Ex so bad, since the world is kind of the same (cybernetic enhancement, semi distopion future). Can't wait for this week to go past!

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    It has begun...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthMol View Post
    Got my copy of the Director's Cut edition downloaded and ready to play. Apparently they fixed the boss fights in the director's cut.

    Looking forward to this as I quite enjoyed Alpha Protocol and this is essentially the better, more polished game.
    I forgot about the boss battle issues. I have to try for a different ending this time. I've been trying real hard to get in to Mankind Divided but the controls just feel odd.

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    DX:HR had awesome hype videos and what better way to get into the mood by reliving those moments.

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    Download complete

    - technically, it was done yesterday -

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    One day to go!!! I'm so excited to play this game.

    Here, have a short film of Human Revolutuion to get you in the mood as well.

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    Hacking is seriously fun in this game! I hack the bejeezus out of everything. Also so naughty reading everyones emails

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