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Thread: Gamma Nine: Dawn of Extinction - Book Two - Preorder Open Soon

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    Default Gamma Nine: Dawn of Extinction - Book Two - Out Now!

    Gamma Nine: Dawn of Extinction is out now:

    If your quarry goes to ground, leave no ground to go to. The Grim Wolves are out of options and supplies. New Horizon is no more and their enemies, human and mutant, are determined to end them all. The Hyperion and its allies are on the run, aiming for the safety of Earth Prime, the last refuge against the coming dark, but what will they find there? Support for their cause or just more treachery?






    Amazon Kindle release is on the 15th because of a predefined preorder window. Please be patient if you purchased from Amazon.
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    I cannot wait!

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    Thank you kindly .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
    Thank you kindly .
    Haha nope thank you! I really cannot wait

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    Probably not today.

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    Oh cool, I'm going to have to re-read the first book to refresh myself on the story

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    I just noticed I own the first book haha I should give it a read, but why is this not avail on Amazon?

    edit: nvm, found it
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeoTeK View Post
    I just noticed I own the first book haha I should give it a read, but why is this not avail on Amazon?

    edit: nvm, found it
    It should actually not be on yet but Amazon was quick this time. It is still pending approval but already taking preorders. Amazon FTW.

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    It feels like just the other day the first book came out! Best of luck!

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    First post updated with links.
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    **Personal note. If you liked the novel, or the first one, please leave a review or rating. Just a few words goes a long way to grow my reader base. Please leave the review on the platform purchased and not just on Smashwords. Reviews on Smashwords are not as powerful as reviews on other retailers. BUT every little bit helps even if it is on Smashwords if purchased there. Thank you again, all of you.

    I hope those of you that get the second novel or grab the first novel will enjoy reading my story. Even if you do not, posting here and engaging is already appreciated.

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