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Thread: Recommend me a tactical game?

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    Default Recommend me a tactical game?

    Hi. I'm looking for something new to play, tactical shooter for PC. Really enjoyed Rainbow 6 Vegas (still my favorite game) and Splinter cell blacklist. Should I get Wildlands or rather The Division? Already got Phantom pain.

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    Division is better than wildlands, at least you can happily solo the content and it has a story.
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    Probably a little off the mark here but honestly - TF2. The Spy class is essentially all about this - you're underpowered, playing against live humans and if your tactics aren't on point then you'll end up very dead. Very real need for real deception and stealth that I haven't seen in any game since.
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    TPP IS one hell of a game, the story is incomplete and you can see Kojima was rushed out the door. But for general dicking around and building up your mother base and army man it's awesome.

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    Try doorkickers I know its not a fps but give it a go.

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    Full Spectrum Warrior
    X-Com series
    Breach and Clear
    Brothers in Arms series
    ArmA Series
    Sniper Elite
    Spec Ops the line

    Games in bold, I highly recommend if you haven't played them already

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