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Thread: Do you still play?

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    Default Do you still play?

    Lemmings. I realy miss a game like lemmings wish they could make a new one in unity engine.
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    I got Lemmings Touch on my Vita, but I haven't touched it yet (pun intended)

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    I haven't played Lemmings since I was a child. I loved it back then but these days I don't think something like that would appeal to me.

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    Nope. Though an old-school game I would play a modern version of (provided it is not a DLC-fest or bogged down by "free-to-play" mechanics) is Tetris.

    Like the old school Nintendo version, but with modern leaderboards and maybe some kind of online multiplayer to complement the local co-op and competitive modes the original came with.
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    50% of my game time is spent in retro gaming.
    I also loved Lemmings back in the day.

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    Flockers on Steam has the same mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crzwaco View Post
    Lemmings. I realy miss a game like lemmings wish they could make a new one in unity engine.
    Why not just play it again?

    Same goes for you [MENTION=289]Jan[/MENTION], why not play your favourite tetris?

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