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Thread: Threadkiller Mk. XIV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roomys View Post
    Last post here. live long. live happy and always wipe twice.

    Seeya folks.
    Come tell us about New Zealand at our new place
    T A N S T A A F L

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    Quote Originally Posted by DieGrootHammer View Post
    The REAL Thread Killer would be the one that knows the most about TK.

    Let us dive into the history of TK, and take a look at the last TK Statistics:

    Thread Killer has seen 15 different threads created in it's name. The first one was created on 2 February 2009. The genesis thread was called Thread Killer Gaming. TKG stayed on the site for 301 days before it was killed by OmegaFenix on 30 November 2009. This genesis thread saw a whopping 69229 posts in it's lifetime.

    The follow-up to the smash-hit thread was named Thread Killer 1, dropping the Gaming from the name, and birthing the line of TK threads for years to come. This TK started off with a bang, racking up 83664 posts in its 687 days of running. TK1 has been highest post count thread on in MyGaming history, and was the longest running TK of them all. TK 1 ran from November 2009 right up to 18 October 2011, when Murph eventually killed it.

    TK2 started the tradition of TK threads being killed within the 10k to 12k post range, and no thread was allowed to grow to the astounding heights that the initial two had grown into.

    Thread Killer threads have been running constantly on MyGaming for a grand total of 3300 concurrent days, generating 292 762 posts as a collective. We have celebrated the death of 14 TK's up to now.

    Funnily enough, not a single Thread Killer has more than one kill to their names. TK has always been killed by someone new.

    The name of the killers of TK are (in chronological date of killing order):
    The Joker

    Long Live TK!!! May your legacy be always in our hearts, may the posts we've made, the conversations we've had, the fights, the jokes, the support, the fun, the assistance, the comfort, the "Good Morning" posts. All of it, may it be remembered in us all!!
    The nostalgia that post made me feel....

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    1 more day!
    --~<0>~-- {type}DEV --~<0>~--

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    Cheers.....So, will it just keel over and die tomorrow midnight?

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    Wow, its actually the last day. . .

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    I am the thread killer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solitude View Post
    I am the thread killer.
    Me, me , me

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