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Yip, Forza Horizon 3 is by far the pinnacle of the Forza series to date. I've probably sank in well over 100 hours into the game. And even the multiplayer is awesome!! I found very minimal griefing, minimal tards trying to spoil it for everyone, plus the modes in multiplayer is just pure fun. The sound track is also awesome! I have all the DLC's and let me say, Blizzard Mountain was a bit of a let down, but the Micro Machines add-on is fantastic!! Get that one.

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I guess you mean Hot Wheels.

Already recruited BeoTek and Solitude’s drivatars for my team. I spent the whole weekend playing this game. Reviews suggested the opposite to your views on the DLC though... Still, I’ll probably end up buying the expansion/season pass to get everything. I first need to finish the main game.