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Thread: MyGaming Secret Santa 2017

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    Sent and recieved

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    Almighty legit one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyvern View Post
    And you received yours ne?
    Not yet, still waiting patiently.

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    Santa is coming to my SS this week

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    I'm just waiting on stock for my SS as soon as it's in i'll send it, they said ETA 2 weeks.

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    Looking forward to this SS

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    Default MyGaming Secret Santa 2017

    Ok time for some feedback. I just got my package.

    Immediately upon closer inspection I found what I have feared.

    Glitter traces. Moved to a new location.

    Glitter everywhere.

    Time to dive in.

    What an absolutely amazing haul.

    Also thanks to my SS for the catnip in the little yellow container. I legit thought for a second someone sent me weed to go with my awesome little purple bong and I was amazed that someone would do that. But it was only catnip. That genuinely made me laugh.

    A massive thanks to my SS. You nailed it. The lobo mug will be much loved. That is really amazing.

    Obligatory cat tax playing with the packaging.

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    Wow nice one dude! Your SS did good! I cant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for mine

    BTW people - whomever is my SS if you still need to send mine, please dont use the work address - just send it to the Tygervalley Postnet - We are closing on tuesday for holiday!

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    Wahaha! Catnip! Awesome!

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    Im super excited for mine only thing im looking forward to this month

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