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Thread: Random Reddit

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    9/10 times its irrelevant. I seem to hit regional subreddits a lot.

    This was pretty nifty though

    Incl this
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    I got

    I won't visit the Supergirl reddit again but I will make use of this random thing again. It's pretty cool!

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    First time using it and i got

    I might visit again... if i'm bored enough

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    I've done the random Reddit thing a few times in the past. It's quite fun to do when you are bored or want to explore and find new subreddits.

    The RNG took me to

    Interesting but I won't be subbing or coming back any time soon.

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    I didn't know that this existed until now. It's another digital currency. Would not visit again.

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    Still checking a couple times a day. Just came up with

    No thanks!!

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    I found this that could be mildly interesting to read through.

    I did visit it again.
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    I got sent to /r/saplings/

    Unlikely to visit again, but like everyone else I'll use /r/random again! Nice one, [MENTION=2399]czc[/MENTION].
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