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    So I take it most of has seen or heard about the shitstorm of Battlefront 2. Where it takes 40 hours to unlock a hero or you can just buy it.

    I also don't understand how some people can spend up to 10k on just lootboxes and then when they get bored of the game they get a new one and once again spend that type of money on lootboxes.

    What are your takes on Lootboxes?

    I see its in HOTS now and since that is what I play its nice to have but I won't go out of my to buy it.
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    Related to the topic. Something i wish EA would honestly answer but never will.

    Asked by Jimquisition in the reddit AMA.

    Do you not feel loot box design is inherently predatory by nature? They exploit addiction and encourage at least the simulated feel of gambling, despite the lack of legal definition. Is this not a concern for the industry going forward?

    What exactly prompted you to take Battlefront II on a path that was inevitably going to be slammed as a “pay to win” experience, did you not feel it was particularly insulting to try and make so much money from this game after the first Battlefront was admittedly rushed and incomplete?

    They say games are too expensive to make and that’s why they need season passes, DLC, deluxe editions, microtransactions, and loot boxes (to say nothing of merchandise, tax breaks, and sponsorship deals). Can you honestly tell me that a Star Wars game was too expensive to make? That you couldn’t have made a Star Wars game, as in a game about Star Wars, and that it would not conceivably sell enough to make its money back without all these additional monetization strategies? Should you be in this business if you cannot affordably conduct business?

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    I love the fact that the StarCraft 2 twitter account is taking a swing at the whole fiasco.

    Though I can't help but wonder if we have Overwatch to thank for convincing the world there is a place for lootboxes in non-F2P games?

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    I've been away for a few days but this popped into my sub feed.

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    Very important to note that its only temporary. It's mostly likely they removed the crystals to boost launch day sales and then just add it back next month.

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