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Thread: Tell us a bit about yourself

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    hahaha, well i guess its my turn to introduce myself to this alco...i mean gaming anonymous group
    i too am a bit of a geek(who'd have thought hahaha)I love Ironman and i mean ironman everything, Lego, diy crafty or buildy or painty things and love love love my cats. Game wise i like a bit of everything but FPS and simulators are my favourite.
    i also like cooking and eating out, my favourite food is sushi and burgers (not together though)
    My favourite tv series are in no particular order (Buffy, Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Vampire Diaries, Dexter, charmed)looks like i have a theme going there...
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    Hello WinzEveryDayz.

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    Tell us a bit about yourself. What are your hobbies? What interests you? What are your favourite kind of games? Should your Secret Santa know anything about you?

    Hobbies/Interests: As many of you might or might not know I am a massive fan of Anime and Manga. I am also a gamer but do not game as much as I used to, I still manage to find some time to complete a riverting single player exepriance between all the multiplayer based games I play. About a year ago I started running, mostly to stay fit but somewhere along the line in all the pain sweat and tears I started to enjoy doing it. I now run 5-6 times a week.

    Favorite kind of games: First Person Shooters, Strategy, RPG's, Action and Adventure. just not sports game

    Should my Secret Santa know anything more about me: I am not fussy in any way what so ever. I'll leave it up to you to decide what to get. It's not the size or the value of the gift, it's the though that counts. I like cotton socks!

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    What are your hobbies?
    Model kits. Mostly anime style resin(garage) kits, but I also dabble in plastic ones like Star Wars vehicles, or wouldn't mind an Acura RSX-S or NSX one of these days.

    What interests you?
    Ice hockey, video games (I have a collection of Mass Effect stuff), electronics (Raspberry Pi, Arduino) and I still need a screen touch screen, working out (I'm short on Nutritech Vanilla Whey at the moment) and stuff and things. I also like gimmicky gadget stuff.

    What are your favourite kind of games?
    JRPG (Persona 5 for PS4 is next on my list, then Ni No Kuni II, and finally FF XV), Mass Effect series (even though they murdered it with Andromeda, I still liked that one), puzzle games, Witcher 3.

    Should your Secret Santa know anything about you?
    Bacon. Large T-Shirt size. Size 44EU ice skates, need all the other ice hockey equipment too (maybe I'll luck out with someone who was about to throw out a closet full... What, I can dream :P). I also like spicy food (I am running low on Sri Racha sauce, the authentic Ken Fong stuff). My favourite alcohol is Crown Royal, which I cannot find anywhere anymore (last saw it about 6 years ago).

    I'll update this post if I ever think of anything else... So my SS can bookmark this or something if they want...
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    Well most of the Guys here know i'm bike crazy and batman crazy, Huge Rossi and Maveric Vinales fan. Rugby nut like most guys here .
    DBZ fan along with bleach and a scifi jobber. I like my racing games and any good strategy or fps. Love my music. most genre's except classical and Boere musiek

    I collect figurines and collectible statues and Hotweel cars.

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    Hi I'm Bruce.
    I live in the Central Drakensberg, I spend a lot of time outside and only game after my daughter is asleep. Play xbox one and 360.

    What are your hobbies?
    Hiking, shooting, archery, gaming and making/building anything.

    What interests you?
    Kit models, cooking, gadgets, anything braai related - I'm easy, just ask my wife

    What are your favourite kind of games?
    Sports, shooters, racers

    Should your Secret Santa know anything about you?
    I don't have wifi until december, but its chilled if its a steam gift, the local IT shop does updates etc once a month for me.

    Please [MENTION=2530]Wyvern[/MENTION] a mod if you need more specific info

    EDIT: I am a formula 1 nut

    EDIT: I'm open to new stuff, so no need to follow the above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlienTaker View Post
    Huge Rossi and Maveric Vinales fan. .
    Makes 0 sense. Can't be. Impossibru

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    I like big butts and I can not lie.... not really ,Well I try not to lie even if it gets me into trouble.

    I enjoy social commentary and things that generally rub humans up the wrong way, some Anime , I can be a bit of a psychological sadist just ask my big sexy man daddy [MENTION=9789]DieGrootHammer[/MENTION] who can indeed give an applause with only one hand, thats a very versatile slab of hand meat.

    Game wise you cant go wrong with a good RPG, after that turn-based tactics or something that will punish in a good way me like dark souls, Most indie titles are fantastic as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flex View Post
    Makes 0 sense. Can't be. Impossibru
    Why not Tell me Why Give me one good Reason

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    Ok so I'm like really easy

    I have 2 hobbies; airsoft and gaming.
    I love all geek culture.
    Star Wars > Star Trek
    Marvel > DC
    Rick and Morty > South Park > Family Guy
    And such other things

    If all else fails just contact my brother-from-another-mother [MENTION=11402]Armitag3[/MENTION]

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    This introspection is actually a lot harder than I thought it would be!

    I am a gamer. I am a gaming agnostic, and will play on any platform out there. I am, however, limited to PC, XBOX One, and Android as other platforms are limited by my budget.

    I love any game that is story driven. Life is Strange, Walking Dead etc nearly had me in tears. I also am playing PUBG way more than I think I should. I think that is my multiplayer fill, and prefer single player games generally. I also like games like Mass Effect, Fortnite, Fallout. I also love discovering indie gems like Astroneer, Breach and Clear, Door Kickers and FEZ. Just about the only games I dont play are horror games. No thank you sir!

    I am a father with two girls, 5 and 2, and they are already starting to play games themselves. We also LOVE My Little Pony. My favourite is Pinky Pie! What a whack job! We like camping in the garden and am saving up for a proper camping trailer to go camping with in the bush.

    I am a movie buff. I dont get to go to the cinema as much as I used to, but now that Ballito has it's onw Nu-Metro I try to make it a monthly thing. I also use that as my date night and score points with my wife.

    I am a geek at heart. I have too many toys that need a wall socket, gathering dust. My Raspberry Pi at least is working well.

    I try my hand at photography, specifically storms, and have taken some really awesome lighting shots!

    I am a sleek athlete (wahaha!!!). I love road running, but have been restricted this year by illness and other factors not mentioning here. I have big plans for 2018 though! My 5km PB in the Dolphin Coast Strider Time Trial is 19:55, set in December last year.

    Finally, my day job is in construction project management, but with a 15 year Microsoft and virtualization background. There are remarkable similarities! Anyway, as such I love doing 3d Sketchup designs and who knows, maybe one day design my own house from scratch!

    PS: If this is too long, I apologise!

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