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Thread: Tell us a bit about yourself

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    What up losers. I guess we can leave out the part where I say I’m addicted to games since we are on a gaming forum.

    I don’t really have hobbies. Because I’m lazy and I’m stoned most of the time. So sitting on the couch or the desk with some games seems like the perfect fit to me. I game on the pc, the ps4 and the switch.

    I love reading. Mostly fantasy/sci fi stuff. Few favourite authors are David Eddings, Robin Hobb and Carl Hiaasen. Favourite series of books has to be the Belgariad from Eddings and Harry Potter of course.

    Other then that not much going on in my life.

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    What are your hobbies / interests?
    I like gaming, tech and anime mainly. Multiplayer and co-op games rank high on my list. Recently I've become interested in creating Youtube videos with some friends, still trying to get the hang of video editing but it's a work in progress - I can link the channel if anyone is keen on checking it out and providing some feedback.

    Current addicted to CS GO, Profile linked here to see my other genres and favourites. Overcooked was far more fun than I anticipated (Finished it with a friend hence the low play time on my account).

    One piece
    Food wars
    Attack on Titan
    One punch Man
    Come to mind among many many others.

    Should your Secret Santa know anything about you?
    Not that I can think of - ask if needed.

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    Hobbies / interests?

    On most days i do all things league of legends when it comes to gaming, if im not playing that with friends i jam some random games GTA ,Mass effect, some FPS games. Currently playing nier: Automata really enjoying that game.

    On the other side not a massive nerd i think but love my Sci-Fi stuffs and anime fan of note at least a new anime watched every week.
    collector of figurines and props mostly anime related at the moment depends what i find in the shops or online.

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    Representing the lurkers, I spend more time reading forums than posting.

    I come from the Atari, Spectrum, Commodore and arcade generation. My love for games definitely dates back to coin operated arcade games and I still have masses of nostalgia for arcades and the fun, social aspect they offered that online gaming only partially reproduces.

    Preferred platform is PC and preferred genre is FPS (Moha, COD, PUBG, Far Cry, etc.) and strategy (AoE) but I also have an old PS2 where my favourites are SSX3, racing and two player fighting games. I look forward to playing some PS2 games with my son as he gets older.

    Family and thereafter work take priority, so I don't have as much gaming time as I'd like but I do manage to find time and there are a large number of us older gamers.

    Day job is co-owner of a software dev company in a specific niche. My day-to-day used to be programming web & winforms in c# but now I do more management, marketing and customer liaison.

    Likes and hobbies include shooting (rifles and hand guns and I'm a dedicated sport shooter), travel, tv shows & movies, rugby & cricket and stock and fund investing. The latter, hopefully the path to financial freedom and dumping the day job

    So, the usual, but true advice to the youngsters: start investing early, even if it's very little. Find out about Allan Gray, Coronation, Sygnia, etc. and invest directly via their platforms, don't use a broker if you don't have to.

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    A bit late to the party but here goes. (Still in Thailand so getting onto the laptop hasn't really been a priority)

    Hobbies include gaming (obviously), squash, researching religions and the occasional wood working project. Currently (when at home), I'm also going to gym for 2 hours a day, although that is not so much a hobby, but rather trying to catch up on my Vitality points for the year.

    I like games with a good story and some form of action. Also love tower defense games. I do tend to get bored quite easily, especially with FPS games. A FPS must be really good to keep my interest (i.e. Wolfenstein or Bioshock Infinite worked well). Lately I've also been more interested in co-op games that I can play with my wife but other than that, I don't care much for multiplayer.

    Movies and series wise I do like my science fiction, action, comedy and superheroes. While I like Star Trek (especially the new movies), I've never found an interest in Starwars. Fantasy and horror movies also don't really appeal to me, but there are always exceptions.

    I do not like watching sport. Bores me instantly. I'd rather do sport than watch.

    I also own part of a company that does software development. I started programming back in school: Clipper / dBase, C++, Turbo Pascal... and then dropped everything when I discovered Visual Basic 3. I was still in standard 6 (grade 8) and was the only language I had in my possession that I can develop Windows things with. So sadly I stuck with VB though to version 6, then converted to and finally started switching to C#. The switch from to C# was very easy though. Took me a day to operate at the same speed as I did in vb.

    Oh, and we're also planning to start with kids this coming year so I guess my gaming time is going to take a knock soon.

    No guts, no glory, no brain, same story.

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