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    Cool Tell us a bit about yourself

    I got a couple of messages from people not knowing all that much about their targets in Secret Santa. And it's true you guys! We don't know each other all that well.

    [MENTION=7799]AlienTaker[/MENTION], [MENTION=11402]Armitag3[/MENTION], [MENTION=9040]B1nary[/MENTION], [MENTION=6280]Blazzok[/MENTION], [MENTION=9789]DieGrootHammer[/MENTION], [MENTION=14824]Donisia[/MENTION], [MENTION=297]FarligOpptreden[/MENTION], [MENTION=54]Fivel[/MENTION], [MENTION=16362]Flex[/MENTION], [MENTION=3017]Glordit[/MENTION], [MENTION=289]Jan[/MENTION], [MENTION=6722]Kwaai[/MENTION], [MENTION=5134]MalicE[/MENTION], [MENTION=9148]murfle[/MENTION], [MENTION=2060]oltman[/MENTION], [MENTION=8104]Saint_Dee[/MENTION], [MENTION=24333]snowbeast[/MENTION], [MENTION=20]Solitude[/MENTION], [MENTION=9033]Talentloos[/MENTION], [MENTION=15575]TechThief[/MENTION], [MENTION=13244]Tom[/MENTION], [MENTION=6634]ViperGTI[/MENTION], [MENTION=395]Wenzdayz[/MENTION], [MENTION=2530]Wyvern[/MENTION], [MENTION=9676]z1oc[/MENTION]

    Tell us a bit about yourself. What are your hobbies? What interests you? What are your favourite kind of games? Should your Secret Santa know anything about you?

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    Will lift for boobs! Flex's Avatar
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    Wouldn't you like to know?


    Well I guess my profile gives enough info =D My PP- Starwars
    Title- Boobs(would be preferred, although I know postage might no be possible, so F2F will do.) and Lifting

    Serious note, I am an all round geek/enthusiast PC builder/comp gamer

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    What are your hobbies?
    Art, Anime, Animals, Gardening, Gaming
    What interests you?
    Animlas, Gardening, GAming, food
    What are your favourite kind of games?
    strategy, survival and fantasy
    Should your Secret Santa know anything about you?
    im weird and love weird things and gadgets

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    Hi, my name is Ste...erm DieGrootHammer. I am a gamer that likes a very wide range of games, but management Sims, FPS and Action RPG's are my favourite. I am into sport, mostly rugby and cricket, I like numbers and statistics very much, not so into comic books or the whole comic book thing, I LOVE Star Wars to death, I am interesed in photography, nature and wildlife, and anything tech. I wear a size 15 shoe and I can give an applause with only one hand.

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    I’m quite a simple and easy-going person, to be honest. As with most people on this forum, I love nerdy toys and gaming or geek culture novelty items. I’ve got a Superman flash drive, retro flip clock and 2 Lego architecture models (Seattle Space Needle and Sydney Opera House) standing proud in a cube of my bookshelf where my study area is. I used to have a huge Lego ship (Imperial Flag Ship) that dominated a bookshelf in our previous home, but it’s all boxed up since we don’t have space for it now.

    I don’t have time for hobbies, being a business owner (a bespoke software engineering / consulting company called {type}DEV). I do try to listen to as much melodic, progressive and symphonic metal as I can when I work, with a trip down 90’s punk lane when nostalgia hits me.

    My favourite types of games are probably platformers and metroidvanias. My favourite game of recent years has to be Ori and the Blind Forest. My SS will notice that my Steam wishlist is filled with metroidvanias and platformers. I also love RTS games with a historic theme to them (but not Total War games).
    --~<0>~-- {type}DEV --~<0>~--

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    Hi peoples. I'm Soli and I'm a hardcore gamer. I like most games except some sport titles like soccer and I'm not too fond of platformers. Oh and I prefer single player titles. My favourite kind of games are games with a good story and I love a good atmosphere. My wishlist is huge! It's sorted from the game I want the most to the least. Or at least I'm busy sorting it like that. I also have a little Trello list with my current games which will give you a good idea of what I like:

    In real life I'm not much of a social person. Except if Hammer feeds me beer. I love my little doggies and I like to do some rugby betting. I'm overworked and in need of a holiday.

    I also wish I had more time to post here at MyGaming. Would love to make it great again but just don't have the time. You guys are my family.

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    Hi... My Names Tom... and ah... Im an alcoholic...

    Haha, Seriously though, I love playing games, I play on PS4, PC, and Switch, I love gadgets and generally nerdy stuff, Im a big Walking Dead fan, and Love Starwars!

    Im learning to play the guitar, I enjoy cooking, And who ever my sectret santa was last year nailed it so NO PRESSURE

    "I shave my arms so I'm more aerodynamic in a fight" Wlad 2016

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    Mmmmm who am I... :P

    I love any game with a good story and has no forced multiplayer in there unless its couch co-op. I know, I am a dying breed.
    Steam profile:

    AFK, I spend most of my time playing Airsoft, cycling or playing boardgames.

    You can also prompt [MENTION=5134]MalicE[/MENTION] for more info. ^_^

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    Not to many hobbies, I just like playing/collecting video games, but board games are also nice, though I only recently bought my first one(king of tokyo). I also like collecting knives, swords and airsoft guns.

    Some of my favorite games :
    RPG: Fable: The lost chapters
    Dragons dogma
    Dragon Age

    FPS: DOOM (new version)
    Call of duty 2
    Killing floor 2
    Payday 2

    Multiplayer: Warcraft 3 roc/tft
    Heroes of the storm
    Diablo 3

    Strategy: Dungeon Keeper

    I also really like anime and animals, though my anime taste tends to be.... quite... ummmm... weird.... [emoji14]

    Some favourites which names I can remember off the top of my head:

    Sora no otoshimono.
    Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou.
    Soul Eater.
    Interviews with Monster Girls.
    Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
    One-Punch Man

    I also like nice anime games, I am fine with visual novels, as well as turn based combat games, I have also recently found rpg-maker games quite apealing as long as it has an anime setting.

    Animals that I like are:
    Golaith bird eating terantula

    I also like the colors black, white, and blue

    I don't really like horror stuff, them being scary don't really phase me, I just don't find that kind of stuff cool or fun. But I am a big fan of like medieval fantasy settings, or futuristic almost-sterile tech type settings, but must say, I can take or leave on anything to do with space, and zombie things are quite meh, would rather pass.

    My humor is also quite unique, I like dark and savage jokes, and I am a big fan of dirty innuendos, but I will just about laugh at anything anyway.

    Feel like I should also say this: I HATE CHILDREN, they make my blood boil, so please mr/ms secret santa, don't ever get me things related to children, as it shall be destroyed with extreme prejudice.
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    Almighty legit one.

    Steam: TechThief TechThief#2664 Uplay: CrzCop Origin: TechThief

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    All my friends (or most) call me Fillie, or some variation on that.

    Hmmm. Let's see. I love gaming and do most of it on my PC. I love FPS, RPG and strategy games the most. I don't really have other hobbies apart from gaming. I also have a rather extensive wishlist on Steam.

    I love Star Wars, Lego & beer. I'm into sports (mostly Rugby & Cricket), but not fanatical about it. I don't like soccer/football at all.

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