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Thread: How tinfoil can boost your Wi-Fi

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    Default How tinfoil can boost your Wi-Fi

    How tinfoil can boost your Wi-Fi

    Researchers at Dartmouth College have discovered that 3D-printed signal reflectors made out of foil and plastic “drastically improve the wireless signal around a home”.

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    My bedroom was at the edge of wifi range when I lived with ze parentals, so spent a serious amount of time investigating.

    1) Get a laptop download net stumbler - figure out what bands your neighbors are on & pick a clean-ish one. If memory serves a lot of the household gear is on 6 or 11 so avoid that. See also 2)
    2) Set router to European so that it allows 13 channel & use that. 1 is good too if your neighbours are idiots & don't know about channels.
    3) Elevate router as high as possible. SA houses tend to have brick walls & sht...but roof cavity is just air without walls so near ceiling is better
    4) Router away from walls and metal objects by at least 30cm
    5) Yes reflector helps. The effect is very small though - like 2m extra range max. You don't need 3d print...just wing it DIY

    Step 6 - the most important one. That's where you shout "fk this sht"...crawl into the roof and lay some CAT5e/6 cable
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