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Thread: The most reliable hard drives in the world

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    Default The most reliable hard drives in the world

    The most reliable hard drives in the world

    Backblaze has released its hard drive reliability statistics for Q3 2017.

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    tl;dr: Seagate still sucks.

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    Seagate has always been my brand to not die on me... I had one DOA, but I'd rather have it dead on arrival than dead after I start using it.

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    From my personal drives, my Toshibas has lasted the longest.

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    My buddy had his toshiba die in 7 months, and it was one with a 6 month warranty. Why he bought a surveillance drive, I couldn't tell ya.

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    What that's so weird.
    But HDD is sometimes a hit or miss. Sometimes lasting longer than you or dying right after the warranty expires.
    But the biggest factor is how you handle it. Seen it so many times people hitting their PC because it's so or just miss handling a laptop or external Drive.

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    I've dropped external drives before and it was running great for a couple years until it got stolen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiphan View Post
    tl;dr: Seagate still sucks.
    Had 3 different Seagate drives, different sizes. They all died. I got WD drives that are going along for 7 years now, not one problem.

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    Anyone relying (only) on hdds these days is an idiot anyway.

    You throw that sht on 2 cloud providers and call it a day. Like google has a policy that all that is replicated in at least 3 location. That plus say apple and a local copy and you're home free.

    The shtty part is that this is mostly sync not true backup.

    Drive death has been a non-issue for me thus far. The vast bulk of my data is trivially replaceable (steam etc) and the mission critical docs are stored in like 10 different places.
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