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What you're saying is partly true. Yes, our ISPs do throttle/prioritize certain types of traffic. However under net neutrality rules this is perfectly fine. If they had to suddenly restrict access to Netflix/Showmax/etc and offer a "streaming bolt-on" this would be what people are fighting against. When ISPs throttle or prioritize traffic it's for their own benefit to ensure a consistent experience for all subscribers. The moment a large company pays an ISP to get priority throughput we're up shit creek.

Currently it's a level playing field between online stores Amazon and Takealot for example gets exactly the same throughput as Sipho's online spaza shop, and that is what net neutrality is all about.
I agree that it is definitely not quite the same but it is not far from it either.

I do however not believe that it will get quite that bad though. As soon as those packages start showing up some fed up consumer will start his/her own ISP as direct competition as Mr Musk has already threatened to do...