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Thread: The MyGaming Community Game Of The Year Winners

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    Default The MyGaming Community Game Of The Year Winners

    Over the past few weeks, many threads were created, many games were nominated, and we now have the official MyGaming Community Game Of The Year Winners!! Thank you to everyone for nominating and voting in this initiative.

    We start off with the winners of each category.

    MyGaming Best Action/Adventure Game:
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    The Nintendo Switch's launch title was always going to be a GOTY contender. From the get-go, this game made the Switch a must-have item. The game is full of adventuring and action, making it the deserving winner of this category

    MyGaming Best Shooter Game
    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
    Nazi-killing has never been this good. The new Wolfenstein is crowned the best shooter of the year, beating out the competition by only the smallest of margins.

    MyGaming Best Multiplayer Game
    PlayerUnknown's Battleground
    The biggest multiplayer phenomenon in recent memory takes the top multiplayer honour. It came out of nowhere, gain incredible traction very quickly, and became the first game to dethrone the likes of CS:GO and DOTA for the most played multiplayer crown.

    MyGaming Best RPG
    Divinity: Original Sin II
    The PC exclusive isometric RPG harkens back to earlier days and earlier RPGs, and people loved it. It is the winner of the RPG category. Everyone comes away from the game with something else, different stories and different adventures, something a good RPG has to do

    MyGaming Best Strategy Game
    XCOM 2: War of The Chosen
    The expansion pack to the much beloved XCOM 2 wins the hearts and strategic mind of the community and comes in first for this category. It takes a lot for an expansion to win, but War of The Chosen added enough to the base game to feel like a standalone title.

    MyGaming Best Racing Game
    Forza Motorsport 7
    The annual Forza title races ahead to beat the pack in a year which saw many very good racing games come out. Its stunning visuals and an insane amount of cars make it perfect for any petrolhead or bedroom racer.

    MyGaming Best Sports Game
    Everybody's Golf
    The quality every game must have is being fun, and Everybody's Golf has this in spades (or clubs even). The quirky little title steals the crown in this highly competitive category.

    MyGaming Best Fighting Game
    Nidhogg 2
    This unique fighting game KO's the competition and with its retro style graphics and interesting and fun mechanics.

    MyGaming Best Indie Game
    This brutal, highly stylized platformer has been a show stopper title since it was first revealed. With incredible 1920's style cartoon graphics and insanely difficult gameplay, it easily won as the best indie game of the year.

    MyGaming Best Game Story or Narrative
    It looks like singleplayer, narrative games are not dead after all, and Prey is the shining beacon leading the way. It's dark undertone of mystery and exploration made for a fine experience and a tremendous story

    MyGaming Biggest Disappointment of the Year
    Ea really did a number of the gaming industry this year. Buggy, broken games filled with microtransactions and pay-to-win mechanics, closing beloved studios, blatant disregard for the community and abusing franchised just to make money, they dissapointed more than just our community this year

    And now, the MyGaming Game Of The Year 2017 is...

    Divinity: Original Sin II
    This RPG masterpiece was not only the best reviewed PC game of 2017, it wins the MyGaming GOTY as well!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mottamort View Post
    Urgh.../facepalm/...such a stupid mistake to make.. [MENTION=20]Solitude[/MENTION], [MENTION=289]Jan[/MENTION], please use your power as mods and change the title if you can please.

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    The Mygaming list looks reasonable, good voting everyone.
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    Overall I'm happy with the choices as well. I think the only reason why BotW didn't win GOTY was because this forum is populated more by PC players, and not a lot of people on here has a Switch. It easily beats any other game in my opinion, but Divinity does indeed deserve the win. Not like last year where a damn DLC for a highly overrated game was voted for.

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    Nice [MENTION=9789]DieGrootHammer[/MENTION]. Hehe and changed the title.

    I'm so glad that a reasonable game won the game of the year!

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