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    Cool Personal Rig Update

    So I am almost complete with my Threadripper build.

    PC Parts list:

    Still to buy(Update: ordered, awaiting delivery):
    • Enermax TR4 360 cooler
    • Samsung 960 Pro/Evo
    • GTX 1080 Hybrid cooler

    The Corsair H115i is handling the 1950X temps excellently. Problem is the fans are running a bit high(loud). Hoping I can drop fan speed on the Enermax and keeps the temps the same. Same reason I want to get the GTX1080 water cooler. Want a silent PC.

    BTW - The 1000w Prime Titanium PSU is such a beast.

    So I experienced zero issues with the build. Nothing at all didn't work or gave any problems. Everything worked first time. The only thing I don't like is the case. Poor cable management, poor PSU airflow(hence I flipped it, saw that trick on GamersNexus) and there were some stripped screws. So I don't recommend that case. Also, my Zenith extreme came with the Foxconn mounts which does require some muscle to screw in but worked.

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