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Thread: Happy New Year MyGaming 2018

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    Default Happy New Year MyGaming 2018

    Happy New Year to you all.

    I hope this year is way better than the last for you all.
    T A N S T A A F L

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    Same to you friend

    And yes I do believe 2018 will be better.
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    Happy New Year to one and all mygaming family!

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    Happy new year lads and lasses... Stay blessed!

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    Happy new year everyone! This year is gonna be an amazing year for me (I hope). I decided last week that I am going to go to the Netherlands for the Luminosity Beach Festival, and that has given me something to live for look forward to at the end of June.
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    Happy New Year MyGamers! Hope you and yours are all healthy, safe and blessed with all you hope for this year. And if anyone of you win the Lotto you gotta share with us

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