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    Default Witcher 3 too difficult

    Having a rough time playing this.

    Seems all enemies are either way to powerful or way too weak (and thus no exp).

    Can't explore since I'm literally just planning my movements around where can I go & not die.

    I've already set it to the lowest difficultly and I completed every single quest in the 1st level (white orchard) to make sure I level up appropriately.

    Reading on the internet it seems the main suggestion amounts to "dodge better" & use signs...both of which I'm trying to do. I'm not bad at 1st persons...on a good day I'm top of the board on a pub MP server in TF2 or whatever so it's not a question of coordination. Yet if I need to hit 3 enemies 20x each and they only need to hit me 3x well the math isn't looking good.

    And it's been like that pretty much from the start of play this so not sure it's a levelling issue even.

    Not having much fun with this atm...exploring is no fun if every encounter has a 9/10 chance of ending in a reload.'s obviously a good game but not sure what to do here.


    EDIT: Level 5 & at start of Velen or whatever level comes after White Orchard, which is the suggested level for that.
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