House of the Dead, Sega's outstanding campy on-rails shooter, is returning to the arcades after an absence of over a decade with this year's Scarlet Dawn.

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The cabinet - a gloriously large number - is heading to Akihabara's Club Sega later this month for a location test. We're currently waiting to hear back whether or not there are plans for a western release.

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House of the Dead has been absent from arcades since the fourth installment in the series back in 2005 (though you've likely come across a battered House of the Dead 2 down your local fleapit, and relished in some of the best voice acting yet committed to the video game medium).

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The series hasn't exactly been dormant since then, though, with 2009's Overkill an enjoyably over-the-top spin-off for Wii before being ported to PlayStation 3 in 2011. For a short while it had the distinction of being the sweariest video game, before Mafia 2 took its crown in 2010.

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The first batch of screenshots for House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn - which you can find at the game's official site - show some familiar bosses returning, as well as a surplus of zombies in all-new crowd scenes. Mostly they just show a lot of undead gits being blown to bits, though, which is more than enough to keep most of us happy.

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