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Thread: So long, and thanks for all the fish

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    This is not the 1st op's February.

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    RIP MyGaming. Can't believe that I've been a member here for over 6 years! And it all started with winning a prize in one of the forum comps.

    Thanks MyGaming for all the memories. For all the prizes. For all the hype and opinions. For all the top tips on getting free games. It's been real.

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    Sad to see it go. Good memories.

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    was a nice few years here!
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    GG WP guys, met so many awesome people on here, even though ive been lurking the past couple of years still been going on here a while.

    Gonna miss u guys.

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    Have been lurking for years... Thanks for everything.
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    Somewhat poster and lurker,sad to see it goes.

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    Came back to see this post.

    Sad day indeed. Thanks for all the prizes and most of all the TK greetings and kindness of the members here.

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