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Thread: MyGaming suggestion box

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    Default MyGaming suggestion box

    We are currently running the site in a sort of perpetuated "trial phase". The idea is to iron out bugs and take on (where we can) suggestions from the gaming community.

    So, let us know what you want to see more/less of.

    We would also appreciate users reporting on bugs and interface niggles.

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    Default Great site

    Nice looking site, one small thing the blue in the bar at the top is not the same blue as the bar below ... only a small detail though.

    Great competition in Bethesda thread!
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    The read/unread icon doesn't update when you post in a thread, only after opening the thread again...

    Edit: I know it is "unread" if you posted last in the thread, but you are already op to date if you posted last on the thread... I'm lost for words.

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    And when are the avatars coming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkBait View Post
    And when are the avatars coming?

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    Looks like this isn't going to be a very bandwidth friendly site.

    Can we please get a remember me button for the forum log in? Also maybe a game trade/ sale section?

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    Is there an auto log out?

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    Can I please make an early request to have female avatars included in the selection? Thanks!
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    Can I make a request to wait with the avatars until April for avatars when I get ADSL? 3G doesn't give much cap

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