I've posted before that I won't respond to negativity in the forum. All it does is weaken the community and create an antagonistic relationship between staff and forumites in the long run.

All I will say is that running a successful site is more difficult than you think.

Drop me an e-mail or PM with specific concerns and links, and I'll be happy to discuss it with you and take it up with my writers next week (rAge is on, so no-one is in the office right now).

Specifically articles where research on pricing was mediocre, because I feel we do pretty good work there by-and-large.

One last thing: words like "clickbait" are meaningless as a descriptor for a problem you might have with an article, because online commenters have twisted it's meaning to "article/headline I dislike or disagree with". In other words, please be more specific than calling an article clickbait.