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Thread: Tim Schafer calls Bobby Kotick a "dick" and a "total prick"

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    Default Tim Schafer calls Bobby Kotick a "dick" and a "total prick"

    Tim Schafer calls Bobby Kottick a “total prick”, Activision responds

    Industry legend pulls no punches when discussing gaming’s most hated individual

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    loooooooooooooooool Good on Tim Schafer for having a voice that alot will hear
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    Quote Originally Posted by _Caboose_ View Post
    Marmite FTW!
    Hahaha first thing I thought when I saw the artice was 'mmmm marmite would be good right now'.

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    /me hopes Kotick gets all depressed and kills himself

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    /me agrees with above post
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    I read in either last month's NAG (last issue I'll ever buy) or the PC Format that he regrets calling Kotick that - it could also be some other guy because SOOO many people have called Kotick bad names - not that he doesn't deserve them.
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