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Thread: Hamachi.

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    Default Hamachi.

    Hey guys since this is MYGAMING how about we get to some gaming?

    We can make several Hamachi servers.

    COD (??? dunno about this cause i dont play it)

    And who knows maybe we can play some OLD school games like AOE1

    What u guys think?

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    i know diablo2 works over hamachi ... cod4 lags quite alot when more ppl join ...

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    Yep, I dont think FPS games would work.

    Unfortunately, (I Dont know why), but installing Hamachi at three different times over the last year or so, I have only experienced lag on it.... I got a Ip somewhere --- ping was like 500ms

    (It was free Hamachi account)

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    Hamachi has been pretty slow of late but sounds like a plan.
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    Have heard it is pretty slow. FPS games are the big prob.

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    Dude this program is cool but dam does it always give me problems

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    Best to troll the net for a list of games that work on hamachi, like this one link There are a few games that are version specific, like Titan Quest. Your line speed also is a major factor, if you are the host. We play Diablo 2 all the time over hamachi. Bloody excellent, and seems to handle up to 4 players with no discernible lag.

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