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Thread: Thread Killer - Gaming Edition (PG13)

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    Default Thread Killer - Gaming Edition (PG13)

    This was so my idea Enjoy. . .
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    I don't know if TK can work anywhere other than on MB, ites worth a shot thought

    It may get very popular soon with some of the competitions we have planned...

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    I can see it already... It's inevitable.

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    So we're starting the MyGaming TK with "It wasn't my idea' ... healthy, well formed sentence, as good as any

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    well formed sentence, as good as any
    It brings a certain randomness to this TK that is always needed.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think TK on MB may be bigger than any other entire forum in SA?

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    I think think we can say Africa not just SA. The only threads that beat it are mostly Japanese anime threads.

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    Maybe, but as more people join the MG forum and see this thread, it could grow and follow in MB's TK's footsteps.

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    huh? pardon my ignorance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinman View Post
    huh? pardon my ignorance...
    What doesn't Mr. admin understand?

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